Adult Party Planning

Adult Party Planning: Top Six Adult Party Themes That Have A “Wow” Factor

Who said that kids are the only ones who enjoy a themed party? Adult party planning should be done with huge considerations given to the type of guests and ensuring they have a fun time. While the party may not have balloons, clowns, or a small zoo, it can still be an exciting event. One of the ingenious methods to accomplish this is having a theme for the party and doing everything else based on that idea. So, here are six adult party themes that will leave a memorable impression on every guest.

1. Mardi Gras Theme

Think of the sweet sound of music that gets everyone dancing; now picture having such fun in a club or a carnival. And as is with most carnivals, the dress code is something alluring and sexy. Place no limitations to the dress code and allow guests to wear masks if they feel less inclined to be open about their identity. Concealed identities of the guests may also be for the bests since people will be able to mingle freely. The venue should have significant amounts of green, gold, and purple decorations to help guests have the Mardi Gras spirit.

2. Vegas Theme

Go with the famous saying “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,” and the adult party will be a blast. If you are truly going with a Vegas-style affair, ten what happens at the party stays at the party! Friendly gambling, plenty of drinks, mini stripper shows, poker games and other fun debaucheries associated with the Vegas entertainment scene are all a welcome idea for the adult party. Let the guests come in their best glamorous garbs.

3. Western Theme

It will be an event that has every person saying “Yee Haw.” The adult party planning for a Western theme will not require a lot of decoration since much of the setting will be rustic (a simple set up that resemble the days of the Wild West). Your guest will have to dress the part; the fellas in cowboy hats, blue jeans, and cowboy boots and the ladies in whatever western outfits they fancy. Have a hoedown in the backyard and ensure there is plenty or whiskey, beer, baked beans, and lots of barbecue and country western music.

4. Pajama Party

Women love having sleepover parties where they have fun in their pajamas. The same girls night out concept can apply for an adult party planning. It can be a pajama party. It is a rather mellow party with more of games, movies, and lots of popcorn and ice cream to go around. It is a great idea for adults, especially since most lastly enjoyed sleepover parties during their teen years. For the more spirited party affair, the guest can come clad in sexy pajamas and have fun dancing and playing various adult games such as beer games, strip poker, or any other wild activity.

5. Hawaii Theme

The first thought that comes to mind for all who you invite to your Hawaii themed adult party is warm beaches and hula dancers. The luau style is the simplest approach to planning such a party. Just give the venue a tropical paradise setting with some fake palms and bright colors and ensure the menu offers luau drinks such as Bahama mamas, mai tais, daiquiris, and pina coladas. Let the dress code be sexy beach wear and have hot hostess at the entrance greeting your guests ‘Aloha’ as they present a flower lei to all and grass skirts to the ladies.

6. The Decades Party

The strategy to used when doing the adult party planning for a decade’s theme is to pick an era in time and work with what was trending during that period. If it the 60’s, 70’s 80’s or 90’s, each decade had its different trend. And exercising your imagination will be the only limitation to what you can achieve when planning for your adult party. For instance, pick a decade when you and your friend were still young; your wild teenage years and let it be the theme for your party. It will a fun time as everyone relives their childhood days.

The next time you are thinking about an adult party planning, start with a list of several possible party themes, and you will have a simple time preparing for the event and making it a huge and memorable success for all in attendance.