Wedding Reception Dance

How To Make Your Wedding Reception Dance Memorable

Once you have exchanged your vows, the next important part of any wedding is the reception. Here, your guests will dine and wine in celebration of your new union. Of course, since you’re the VIPs of the occasion, you need to make everything memorable and that’s why your wedding reception dance should stand out. Besides that, it’s the first dance you can share with your spouse before all the witnesses. So, here are some useful tips to make your wedding reception dance unforgettable.

1. No Experience Needed
With the numerous dance shows on TV, everyone understands that dancing isn’t for professionals only. Yes, you might take a few dancing lessons with your spouse before the big day but you don’t need to fret about it. Remember, the wedding is just a way for relatives, friends and the new couple to celebrate a new beginning. You can choose to do some professional moves or do anything silly that makes people laugh. Besides, considering everything else you’re paying for, you should save some of the money rather than wasting it on some unnecessary dance lessons.

2. Make A Party Out Of It
When is the next time you will have all these people in your wedding? Well, you should make your wedding reception dance a party, somewhere where everyone gets to know each other and enjoys. Therefore, you can start as a couple and have fun then before the song ends, you can invite the rest of the guests to join in. It doesn’t really need to be a serious event but everyone should have fun and that’s the best way to keep it memorable.

3. Make It Entertaining
If you have never gone for any dance lessons in your whole life, a few weeks before the wedding will not make you perfect. Therefore, rather than focusing your energy on getting the perfect shuffle or waltz, think about your spouse and whether he/she is enjoying this moment with you. It doesn’t matter if your spouse has two left feet or trips on the dress while trying to make it perfect. What’s important is whether or not everyone is having fun. Laugh about the silly trips or if any of your guests can’t do the chicken dance properly. Make the dance entertaining rather than a serious affair where people are judging everyone else’s moves.

4. Get Used To The Shoes
If you’re planning on wearing the highest heels on your wedding, you need to practice dancing in them before the big day. You can invite your partner to dance with you while you’re wearing the shoes. Certainly, you don’t want to trip on your ankle on the big day and get hurt. Even better, you can throw away the shoes and does with your bare feet because no one will notice under the huge white dress. It’s not really that serious anyway, is it? If it’s your first time wearing heels, you don’t have to torture yourself at the dance floor, especially if you have been suffering in the same shoes the whole day.

5. Reconnect With Your Spouse
Dancing with your partner for the first time is something remarkable, whether you plan to do a serious slow dance or something silly that makes every guest laugh. Therefore, whatever you do, find a way to connect with your partner. Learn how to let him lead or hold you in his/her arms steadily. In that moment, no one else exists in the world just the two of you. So, you need to reconnect and share the simple moment together, the start of your new relationship.

6. Make It Simple
On your wedding day, there are many things going through your head. For instance, is the wedding party doing the duties as promised? Are the guests enjoying the food? Will the whole day be as memorable as you expected? Choose simple music and stick to simple dance moves. That way, you don’t have to get stressed out remembering a long routine. It’s just you and your spouse on the dance floor and that’s what is important.
Certainly, the couple’s first dance is very important but you don’t have to make it tedious. With these simple tips, you should be able to make it memorable.